Descriptions of Work/Quotations and Terms and Conditions provided by Zee Garden Rooms and accepted in writing by the client shall form the basis of the contract between Zee Garden Rooms and the client.


The Contractor (Zee Garden Rooms) and client are entering into a contract until the agreed works are completed, or for a defined period unless otherwise stated.


If either party wishes to terminate a contract, notice must be given in writing, no less than 1 month prior to agreed project start date.


All quotes will be valid for 30 days from the date of submission. After this time, Zee Garden Rooms has the right to re-quote on the works.

Invoicing and Payments

A deposit of 20% of the total agreed cost will be invoiced by Zee Garden Rooms. Receipt of payment will represent agreement and acceptance of the Description of Works and Terms and Conditions by the client.


Stage payments against works completed/materials on site may be invoiced at regular intervals, as discussed with Zee Garden Rooms and agreed by the client prior to the start of the project.


Zee Garden Rooms shall be entitled to refuse to commence and/or cease to carry out further work if any payment due from the client remains unpaid for more than 14 days after becoming due and payable.


The final balance will be invoiced once the project has been completed and signed off by the client.


All payments must be received from the client within 14 days of the invoice date or as otherwise agreed in writing.


Zee Garden Rooms accepts payments by BACS transfer.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Zee Garden Rooms has the right to change any of the Terms and Conditions at any time. Should Zee Garden Rooms make any changes, clients will be informed immediately.


Title in all materials used within the works shall remain with Zee Garden Rooms and shall not pass to the client until the price has been paid in full by the client.


Zee Garden Rooms will maintain employee and public liability insurance in respect of works agreed.

Health & Safety and the Environment

Zee Garden Rooms will operate in compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation throughout the contract.

Machinery Plant and Equipment

Zee Garden Rooms will provide all plant, tools, machinery, vehicles, cartage and haulage for the proper execution and completion of the works, including all fuel and maintenance for the plant and vehicles.

Site Clearance on completion of works

Zee Garden Rooms will clear up debris, surplus materials, and leave the site tidy on completion of works.


Delays caused that are beyond the control of Zee Garden Rooms are the responsibility of the client. In the event of such delays Zee Garden Rooms may charge the client for the time lost and travel costs. Zee Garden Rooms will ensure that all contracts are delivered on time (weather dependant). Should Zee Garden Rooms fall behind due to adverse weather conditions, clients will be informed.

Customer Obligations

The customer shall provide water and electricity for Zee Garden Rooms at no charge to enable the agreed works to be carried out. The client shall provide access to the site during Zee Garden Rooms normal working hours and a storage place for materials during the progress of the works.


The client will ensure that Zee Garden Rooms are aware of any statutory provisions, by-laws, planning or building regulation conditions specific to the site prior to commencement of works.

Site Safety

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the area to be maintained is safe, and to point out in writing any known hazards such as underground and overhead services, drains, pods, ditches or water courses. Upon and after commencement of work, Zee Garden Rooms will have the right to re-price any area, should any of these services be discovered.


Zee Garden Rooms will inform the client should deliveries be likely to cause an obstruction and will ensure any delays are agreed with the client and minimised as far as practicable.


All works completed by Zee Garden Rooms are guaranteed under warranty for a period of 12 months from date of sign-off.